Tight Race for Houston Mayor

The New York Times reports that the Houston Mayoral Race is so close that few pollsters or strategists expect anyone to win the majority on the November 3rd election day meaning a run-off will be held in December.

"The three [Democratic] candidates are just a degree apart on the issues,” said Nancy Sims, a political analyst. “Without a clearly defined enemy, it’s hard to choose whom to support.”

While the three Democrat candidates are bickering and pointing fingers at each other,

...Mr. Locke, who is 61 and started out as a militant black student leader, has accused Mr. Brown of trying to buy votes in the black community after he donated money to black churches and received endorsements from some of them.
Mr. Brown pounced on Ms. Parker, claiming she had missed deadlines for annual audits and put the city’s financial security at risk. That accusation prompted Mayor White, who has not endorsed anyone, to come to Ms. Parker’s defense. (He said delays had been caused by the installation of new software.)
For her part, Ms. Parker has questioned Mr. Brown’s veracity about his achievements and called on him to disclose the business dealings of his wife, Anne Schlumberger, one of the heiresses of an oil-services fortune.

Roy Morales is steadily campaigning and using his own money to do so. The race may be close according to the early election polls, but the real election day is just around the corner, and this is where we must pull ahead. We must do everything we can to instill conservative values back into office, and the Houston Mayoral Election is a great place to start!


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