School Funding

In the recent legislative session, state lawmakers approved two new bills that will lower school property taxes and limit the rise of other property taxes in Texas, at least until the next legislative session.
The Texas Senate on Monday approved a bill to massively overhaul public school finance, but did so while backing away from a proposal to use an increased sales tax to lower school district property taxes.
Mark Keough and Craig Doyal
There is much heated debate right now over skyrocketing property taxes in Texas and who is to blame. Who's the real culprit? Who's been fighting to cut your property taxes in Montgomery County?
A massive overhaul of how Texas funds public education was signed into law Tuesday as Republican Gov. Greg Abbott trumpeted the $11 billion program that will mean an increase pay for teachers and lower property taxes.
One of the main concerns for residents of Montgomery County is the increasing property tax burden. The county and state government finance systems are so complex that it is easy for misconceptions to arise about how the...
As former chairman of the Texas Workforce Commissioner, Tom Pauken is no stranger to the pages of TexasGOPVote. Pauken has been a news contributor for this website nearly from its inception in 2009. Now Pauken has taken on a...

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