Former LAPD police officer, now alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner, has been cornered by police after stealing a white Dodge pickup truck.  After crashing the truck, Dorner was chased into a cabin near Big Bear, CA. Two police officers, or deputies, have been shot according to news sources and are in the hospital at this time.

UPDATE:  According to Fox News, one of the deputies shot earlier has died from his wounds. At 4:26 pm PST Cabin where Dorner is hiding is now in flames as police assault the building.

UPDATE:  At 4:57 PST, spokesperson says there was an exchange of gunfire just before fire started.  Fire is still burning strong at this point...

UPDATE: At 5:01 PST, spokesperson says there has been no gunfire from cabin since the fire began.

UPDATE: At 7:55 PST.  We are awaiting a news conference from California.  A body, believed to be that of former police officer and 4 time alleged murderer Christopher Dorner, has been pulled from the rubble of the burned out cabin.  Earlier a single gunshot was heard as the fire began.  This concludes this post as a live blog.  Any future updates will be in the form of a new post.  


Dorner Cabin in Flames

Cabin where Dorner held up is engulfed in flames.

NBCLA has a live feed over the scene: (THE LIVE FEED HAS BEEN CONCLUDED)

View more videos at:

Gunfire has been being exhcanged for over a half hour.  The stolen truck was originally encountered by game wardens.  They exchanged gunfire before Dorner retreated.  This was at 12:45 CST.  

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Dorner had taken two women hostage.  He later stole their truck and left the women unharmed.  They reported Dorner in the truck and told police the truck was nearly out of gas.

Dorner Shootout

Because of high powered, fully-automatic gunfire, helicopters have been orders to not overfly the scene.

Two Sheriff's Deputies have been shot and injured.  They are in hospital at this time.

Link to NBCLA Photo Album>

LAPD is announcing that San Bernidino SO received a call about a stolen vehicle.  Stolen by indiv. similar to Dorner.  A ground and air search found the vehicle.  Dorner abandoned vehicle and went into cabin.  Gunfire was exchanged.  Two deputies have been shot and injured.   The Sheriff's office is in command of the incident scene.

LAPD Dorner Briefing - White Dodge Truck

LAPD to Dorner "Enough is enough.  Turn yourself in.  It is time for the bloodshed to be over."

At one point, four local schools were placed on lockdown.  At this time, only one elementary school is on lockdown as a precaution.

LA Times is reporting that hundreds of rounds of ammunition were exchanged in half-hour long gun battle.



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