Violent Mexican Drug Cartels Target Texas School Children for Gangs, Drugs and Death

TX DPS warns cartels recruit kidsThe Texas Department of Public Safety has issued a public warning. Drug Cartels are recruiting Texas kids to join their violent gangs and to traffic drugs and even be beaten to death.

Fox News posted up this story today. The story was originally reported on MyFoxHouston.

Children have been found beaten to death by these Drug Cartels. This past year, in JUST ONE TEXAS COUNTY, 25 Texas Kids were arrested for drug trafficking. Just last month, 2 Texas teens were kidnapped, beaten and ransomed.

When will the Obama Administration open up their eyes? The Border is NOT SAFE.

Tens of thousands are being killed by these Drug Cartels and many of those murders are happening right here in America by the drug cartels and gangs that have set up shop right here on our own soil.

Battles rage just feet from the Texas Border and entire towns are getting killed off. Earlier this year I posted this article with a video and pictures of a massive Drug Cartel Battle in Mexico. This battle was witnessed by thousands of people on the Texas Side of the Border.

President Obama, Send More Troops to the Border! We need more than a moat with alligators.


I thought using Texas's teenagers was part of Perry's great job of creating jobs. Why is the state of Texas asking the Federal Government who he is so against asking for federal aid. I thought Texas took care of itself and doesn't need no stinkin fed. I thought you all were "fed up". Perry is Perry isn't he?

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