What If?

You know a movement is in trouble when their number one spokesperson is a satirist. The witty Jon Stewart has emerged as the most influential spokesperson for the left today. Say what you want, Stewart is witty and an effective spokesperson as he defends the left with abandon jocularity that can be piercing. His "Rally for Sanity" is a brilliant PR move for his career, and he has managed to convince much of his lefty friends to arrange for transportion for supporters. (Of course, did anyone noticed that when Beck had his rally, his supporters did not need a union bus ride to get to DC but came on their own?)

For much of the left, what has passed for punditry is simply calling the voters stupid because they have not appreciated what Obama has done for them, hardly a winning strategy for convincing the great unwashed to vote for their policy. At least Stewart offers a little sense of humor that brings home his point while his fellow lefties are simply floundered as they try to understand how it went so wrong. Meanwhile, the left no longer has an effective spokesperson who can stand up to much of the right with the exception of "The Daily Show."


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