What is the Tea Party? - The Perspective of a High School Student

The national news has been swarmed with Tea Party headlines lately. Exactly what they stand for and what they hope to accomplish in Washington has not really been publicized by the mainstream media. So of course political bashing of the Tea Party ensues, but what exactly is this new Tea Party about? As a high school student concerned with the good of my country, I decided to look into it. 

It appears to me that the Tea Party was created because Americans are tired of what Obama is doing to this country. Sounds like that describes a lot of people, right? The main goal of the Tea Party actually is to limit the federal government. Doesn’t that describe a lot of people too? So why are there so few Tea Party candidates?

I don't think the Tea Party can be considered a separate political party because it does not seem to have a political party identity nor a set platform like the Democratic and Republicans Parties. Rather, the Tea Party is a new movement consisting of people who are enraged.  

Most Tea Partiers are Republicans or Independents (some Democrats, but very few). So to me, the Tea Party is really a group of individuals from all sides of the spectrum joined together for a common cause, trying to improve Washington. Sounds official and respectful right? Well then why do so many of the headlines that carry the word "Tea Party" also blast words such as "racists" and "radicals" in the same sentence?

It seems to me that the mainstream media likes to play up on the fact that Tea Partiers are mainly white conservatives. First of all, is there anything wrong with being conservative? Second of all is the media forgetting that America is composed of 80% white people? So if the Tea Party represents the American people, wouldn't it make sense that it would also be composed of a white majority? There's nothing racist about that, just fact. Plus, from the TV footage I've seen of Tea Parties, there are plenty of minorities represented within the Tea Party. The media might not be discussing these minorities, but the TV footage doesn't lie! Who cares what skin color Tea Partiers are anyway because everyone is supposed to be equal… right?

It also doesn’t matter if some of the activists are heavily on the right side of the spectrum. If they are heavily in favor of changing the way Washington is run, then that's all that matters to me. As a high school student who still has years of schooling left, I am afraid of what the current government is going to leave me when I enter the real world. I'm thankful to Tea Parties for taking a stand now, before it's too late. 


Written by John Bender from I Don't Care About Politics.


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