Will Obama Take His Own Advice?

In 2005, Senator Obama had some advice for President Bush as he toured the country trying to build support for his proposed reform of Social Security:

I mean, the fact of the matter is, is the president has been on his 60-day tour, and everywhere he goes the numbers just get worse. The American people have essentially voted on this proposal and really what you have is a situation now where I think that the president and the Republican Congress are going to need to figure out a way to save face and -- and step back a little bit. And if -- if they let go of their egos -- listen, I've been on the other side of this where -- particularly with my wife. (laughter) Where I've gotten in an argument and then at some point in the argument it dawns on me, you know what, I'm wrong on this one and it's -- it's -- it's irritating, it's frustrating. You don't want to admit it, and so to the extent that we can provide the president with a graceful mechanism to -- to say we're sorry, Dear, then I think that would be -- that would be helpful.

Watch the video below. It is jaw-dropping, particularly his point about providing a "graceful mechanism to say we're sorry, Dear." Rush Limbaugh played this on his program last week and two things came to mind.

First, it reminds us how charming Obama can be when he is not trying to ram through a takeover of 1/6 of our economy. The line about his wife is a really good line. Funny and charming. I think the American people still think Obama can be funny and charming. But, his approval ratings are now on par with Bush's 2006 levels. Bush took two wars and six years to get there. Obama took 12 months. This is what happens when the American people reject your leftist agenda. It does not matter how charming you are.

Second, why isn't this getting more play.With Scott Brown winning the election, it should get a lot more air play. Haven't the American people "essentially voted on this proposal?"



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