World will end, again

One has to love the Drudge Report for only Matt Drudge reports the news that others ignore, and who can’t but love those headlines? The Drudge Report headline, “Aussie Scientist: Homo Sapiens Extinct Within 100 years; Irreversible Situation,” tells of yet another environmental wacko predicting once again how climate change will lead to our destruction.

(All right, the guy is some brilliant PhD from down under, but this only goes to show how even the brightest can be fooled or willing to be fooled.) What is most interesting is how most climate change advocates can’t even get the history of climate change correct. Consider this prediction that we are told: a warmer planet is bad for the planet. That may be proven in the future but not yet shown by history. Medieval warming trends that occurred between 1000 to 1300 saw Europe crawling out of the dark ages into a new era of prosperity.

In a society in which a shorter growing season lead to massive starvation, Europe saw longer growing seasons and less famine while income started to move up. Vikings crossed the Atlantic even established a colony on Greenland, which essentially dried up (or froze up), when the new Ice Age began around 1300 AD. (It should be pointed out that many climate change advocates tried to deny that this period ever occurred only to have their work discredited.)

The problem with the present climate change debate is that we have no clue if the present climate is the ideal climate or not. Should the planet be slightly warmer, which appears to be the present trend or do we need a cooler climate? If the past couple of thousands of years are any indication, a slightly warmer climate may be what we need. The Roman Empire was at its peak when the earth climate was warmer and we already know that Europeans painfully needed to adjust when the climate turned slightly cooler after 1300. We may be in the midst of a warming trend that began in the middle of the 19th century.

One can argue that some on our planet may not benefit from a warmer climate but more people tend to die as a result of extended cold spells as opposed to hot summer days. So when someone predicts that the world is going to end due to a warmer climate, take it with a grain of salt.

Many of these same scientists were worried about us freezing to death three or four decades ago but now they are afraid we will fry to extinction. Who knows what the future will bring. An asteroid may come crashing down on earth tomorrow and wipe out much of humanity. An asteroid would be more likely to provide an end to humanity than a degree or two warming trend over the next century.

The real question is how do we believe people who have been wrong more often than not? Does any one remember the population explosion that was suppose to bring humans to near damnation by the turn of the century only to see the world has become more prosperous over the past four decades despite a growing population?

Why do we take for granted that a warmer climate is occurring when we debate? We were on the verge of a new Ice Age just three decades ago. There should be a little skepticism when we are told about the latest end of the world scenarios. Our species may be doomed but the odds are in our favor that we will survive the next century. It is a bet worth taking.


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Really?  You missed the point.  It is not about climate change or global warming or any other phrase you want to bandy about.  That is just headline stuff.  Listen to the old man's argument.
The point is that 6.8 billion humans is a hell of a lot of people.  The baby boomers were born in a world with only 1 billion.
That is the fact.  Forget everything else.  If we keep growing at the current rate it will bring about an irrevocable change in "being human".
Can you imagine 20 billion people in a couple of years knocking down your door in a pursuit of life, liberty and happiness?  No more wild open plains - or only on "once in a life time vacations", probably selected by lotto.  High rise apartment buildings with a square foot per family -  "personal" space is a thing of the past.  Maximize food production in terms of space - so no place for livestock as we know it.  Or it can go the other way - we shoot anyone coming near our little island in the universe - so constant war - that's a helluva change in culture.
The world will be surviving, not living.  I don't want that for my kids / family living a 100 years from now.
Hope? Learning to step lightly is the key - but that's a whole other comment.

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