After Successful Legislative Session, Rep. Allen Fletcher Launches Re-Election Bid

Texas State Representative Allen Fletcher (R-Dist. 130) had a hugely successful sophomore session this summer in Austin. At the beginning of the session, Fletcher was named Vice Chairman of the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee. He was also named to the very powerful Transportation Committee. After a session of successful legislation, Fletcher this week announced his bid for re-election to a third term as representative of the 130th Texas House District.

Fletcher kicked off his campaign with a highly successful fund raiser at the home of Houston Developer Ned S. Holmes. But this was not your normal River Oaks fundraiser. Mr. Holmes, in speaking with the gathering of friends and supporters, said he had rarely seen such an outpouring of support. I was impressed with the diversity of the attendees.  From political power brokers to grass roots activists to top law enforcement officials to cops on the street - all aspects of Republican politics were represented.

Fletcher spoke to the large group of friends and said that from the very first day he walked up the steps of the Texas Capital as a representative of his district, he always felt a lump in his throat for the responsibility his job represents to his district.  As the only Houston representative on the transportation committee, Fletcher was able to successfully fund several projects that will directly affect his constituents and other Houstonians.

During the session, Fletcher also passed a bill that extended property tax exemptions to the surviving spouses and children of veterans who are killed in the line of duty. He passed a "Funeral Protection Act" to protect families of fallen warriors from suffering the abuse of some groups who choose to protest at soldiers' funerals.  He also helped pass the pro-life sonogram bill through the legislature to help expectant women be able to make a more well-informed decision prior to choosing whether or not to have an abortion.  Fletcher was rated 100% pro-life for his legislative voting record.

Governor Rick Perry signs Fletchers Barratry Bill into law

Fletcher has the distinction of gathering more votes as a state representative than any other state representative in Harris County history. Last election he was re-elected with an 83% margin.  "A remarkable feat", said event host Ned Holmes.

The kickoff event was attended by Houston "political kingmaker" Joe B. Allen, Time-Warner executive Ron McMillan and many other prominent Houston business and community leaders. Elected officials included my State Representative Dwayne Bohac (R- Dist. 138), Harris County Pct. 4 Constable Ron Hickman and several other elected officials. Many candidates for office were present and a strong contingent of district constituents like Texas Tea Party Republican Women's Club's Perky Savage and many law enforcement officers.

Fletcher has done an outstanding job in his two terms as state representative.  His service to the people of Texas is just the most recent of his long history of service to our community.  On a personal note, Allen was my State Representative for several years before I recently moved. I was always glad to know I had a representative I could trust to vote my values in the State Legislature.  Thank you Allen!


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