Conservative Discontent with GOP Leadership

Richard Falknor of Blue Ridge Forum gives his usual thoughtful and thorough shake-down of what we probably have all been thinking  and what needs to be done.

We  have some wimpy, RINO leadership in the Senate and they need to go, but for now they are there.

Bottom line: Do not get frustrated and leave the GOP for a third party fringe candidate. Stay in there, get active, get vocal and pull your party to the right. Do not listen to the whispers for “moderates” as the way to beat Democrats. Do not go third party. The goal is to beat Democrats this fall, not choose between a Democrat and an almost-Democrat and end up with a liberal Democrat winning. Have courage. Stick with your GOP candidates and work hard to get the most conservative one through the primary.

“Shaming a Faltering GOP Leadership Into Action”


I vote for a person, not a party because one cannot be loyal both to the electorate and to a party.  For those who confuse the two I would remind everyone that a party has employees and internal personnel who often create a buffer between the people and the elected officials they influence.
Evaluate each candidate on his/her merits, stick to your values and uphold your own freedom.  For two days I have been trying to get an answer from my US Representative (John Carter) as to why he believes healthcare is unconstitutional.  Yet no one in his office can tell me why my representative took this position--though, I suspect, the real reason has less to do with personal conviction than with partisan politics.  I say this because I finally went and read the lawsuit filed by several state attorneys general (a group who is predominately Republican) only to learn that the basis for this suit is a claim that the Congress has overstepped its bounds under the Commerce Clause.  This is true.  However, several years ago, when passing the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) or the Adam Walsh Act (AWA), many Republican lawmakers used the same authority under the Commerce Clause (which is currently before the US Supreme Court in the case of Comstock v. US) to extend federal authority--and, I dare say, to create an unfunded mandate which costs EVERY state a significant amount of money.  It was actions as in these two cases where Republicans put political expediency above purported principle that turned me off of any party.  Democrats are no less guilty of this.  As I cannot oust both parties fast enough, I have instead (living in my Republican-controlled state and county) resolved with my family and friends to simply vote against every incumbent until we get something new in office.

You suggest that comparing the life safety of our women and children from predators to creating more entitlements and bigger government is simply weighed as a partisan move. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are part of our constitution (written from natural law). Healthcare, going to the best schools, paying your cable bill, not looking for a job because there's nothing there???...not part of the deal I was born with. Doing nothing is certainly an sitting in the stands is playing the game. Unfortunately these days it may appear to be a game...listen to your gut and know that it is not. Follow your beliefs and maybe have some faith too. That's why we are the USA and not the American Colonies of England.

(1) Principles do not change with the tide of public opinion.  Any 'solution' which requires a negotiation of principle is either a poor solution or a great way to destroy a society.
(2) Many Republicans voted earlier this decade for an unnecessary expansion of government which was purportedly aimed to protect 'our women and children from predators' as you claim.  However, the facts bear a different story: First, sex offender recidivism is EXTREMELY low as reported by the US Dept. of Justice, and second, the STATES already had sufficient laws on the books.  There was no need for an UNFUNDED MANDATE pushed by Republicans over the last decade.
(3) Because Republican lawmakers pushed for an expansion of government via SORNA/AWA under the Commerce Clause, and assuming this stands in the US Supreme Court, I do not see how healthcare can then be considered unconstitutional.  Therefore, while I personally believe in a limited government, I also believe that the Republican party has engaged in a political temper tantrum now when in the past the party has engaged in similar actions which extended the federal authority beyond what the constitution at first had allowed.
(4) Faith, as you mention, is a belief in things unseen.  Trust me, I know faith.  However, faith is not the decision to blindfold oneself from an apparent truth.  If I know, through evidence that the sky is blue, I cannot simply say that I have faith tomorrow the sky will be green on the grounds of faith.  Likewise, I have observed the practices of the Republican party and I have observed the sky to be blue.  I have no doubt that tomorrow that same color will be present when I vote in November.  Partisan politics is now more about power, votes, and perpetuation of authority.  It is less about loyalty to the demands of the public.
(5) We are now the USA and not the American Colonies of England, not because of anything you said...which I am not sure how that played into the equation.  We are now a sovereign nation because men stood on their INDIVIDUAL principles.  I do not recall any party at the Revolution.  Partisan politics only emerged in this nation AFTER the fighting was done and a power vacuum existed.  The original party lines where between Hamilton and the Jefferson...or at least between their two perspectives.  The GOP did not exist at that time.  Please remember your history when commenting.  I am an American, and I am a bit smarter than your rhetoric apparently pretends.

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