Gov. Perry To Deliver Keynote For Energy And Climate Policy Summit In Houston

Texas Governor Rick Perry will deliver the keynote speech for the Energy and Climate Policy Summit being held Thursday and Friday in Houston. The "At the Crossroads" summit is a unique gathering of experts in the area of energy production and climate change. The purpose of the event it so demonstrate the technological advances that have maximized energy production while greatly reducing negative impacts on the environment. The event is being co-hosted by the Heritage Foundation and the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Gov. Perry has led Texas through twelve years of economic growth. Energy production has provided the bedrock foundation for that growth. Perry’s keynote will highlight the important role that Texas energy companies have played in contributing to our nation’s energy security and moving our energy dependence to domestic produced oil and gas.

“Given all the national and international attention surrounding the climate change rally in New York and the negotiations at the U.N., Gov. Perry could not be describing his views on these energy and climate issues at a better time,” said Austin-based Republican consultant Matt Mackowiak. “Gov. Perry has led Texas through a nearly unprecedented energy revolution put advancing state policies to foster energy development on private and state lands, which, through the blessing of hydraulic fracture technology, is rapidly transforming south Texas, growing the economy in West Texas and shows true potential in east Texas.”

"At the Crossroads" will be a unique gathering of the world’s foremost experts, according to event organizers, who will address the burgeoning opportunities flowing from the energy revolution that are now directly threatened by federal regulatory mandates to displace coal, oil, and natural gas. In addition to Gov. Perry, the event will feature speeches from Matt Ridley, author of “The Rational Optimist”; Mark P. Mills, a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute; Dr. Frank Clemente, professor emeritus from Penn State University; and Kathleen Harnett White, distinguished senior fellow and director of the Armstrong Center for Energy and the Environment. White also previously served as chair of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

“The energy sector stands at the threshold of a global impact for good that would expand prosperity, geopolitical stability and well-being around the globe—but for public policy intent on supplanting fossil fuels at all costs,” said Caroline Espinsoa in a press statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “The unmatched benefits of fossil fuels are being withheld while misguided policies enforced by government coercion are detrimental to human well-being.”

The event, being held Thursday and Friday at the Hyatt Regency in Houston this Thursday and Friday, will also feature presentations and panel discussions from authors, academics, environmental policy makers and researchers. The cost of the summit is $75.00 and registration can be accomplished online at

Originally posted on Breitbart Texas.




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