Media Does Matter

So why is everyone so surprised that Media Matters declared war on conservative politicians and Fox news? Or that Media Matters is cooperating with the White House? This is a story similar to dog bites man.

A few years ago, it was found out that liberal journalists, pundits, former Democrats office holders, and journalist gathered on the internet to “discuss the issues", but what they were really doing was coordinating the talking points and how they would be covering the news and shaping the news coverage.

The news that Media Matters worked with the White House is not a surprising since the original purpose was never to be media critics similar to the conservative Media Research Center but to shape the news stories in a leftist fashion. David Brooks' group, liberally funded by the who’s who of the left, including George Soros's various front groups, put together an enemies lists, leaving the impression that the left has not merely copied the Nixon enemies lists but went a step further with the idea of destroying those who oppose them.

The war on Fox was not about being the critic of the network coverage but to destroy the network. For the left, unless journalists don’t play by the left's rules and report the story the left way, then they are targeted for extinction.

Media Matters also helped various news outlets as well MSNBC with contents and the spin for the news organizations in protecting the left and the Obama administration. Now liberal bias has been established by various surveys over the past four decades so the real question for years was not that most news rooms were dominated by liberals but whether this would affect their coverage. Years ago, I remember talking with a local news reporter who was a member of my church. I knew that he opposed many of Reagan's policies and even did films for leftist opponents of Reagan Central policy but yet, when he wrote for the Kansas City Star, his coverage was even handed. Most Republicans and conservatives were not aware of his own political leanings and when I asked him if he had any bias, he replied, “Look if I have a bias, it is for the underdog. Within the Republican Party, the underdogs are the conservatives so I will at least cover them fairly. I was trained to keep my own views at bay and treat each story as fairly as it was humanly possible.” This reporter was a rarity even then, but he was part of a different worldview.

Bernie Goldberg, who wrote of liberal bias in media noted in a recent interview that media is no longer just being biased but actually taking sides. When news media decides to come up with an enemies list, can we assume that that neutrality is no longer part of the news media?

The question that remains is should Media Matters keep their tax exempt status? While many conservatives want the tax exempt status removed, some like Ed Morrissey of Hot Air warns, “I think this is a mistake. Setting a precedent of opening tax investigations on the basis of partisan grudges is one that Republicans and their allied political organizations will regret, and probably sooner rather than later.” Ed Morrissey's point is that the left will work to remove tax exempt status of conservative organizations, a tit for tat. Dan Riehl countered, “To the extent Media Matters now provides content all but directly to MSNBC and MMfA personalities appear on that network, a Fox competitor, it’s not unfair to suggest that they are attacking one tax paying business while supporting another in direct competition with it. Taxpayers should not be footing the bill for anything designed to favor one for-profit business over another, and there’s ample evidence to suggest that’s the case, given MMfA’s actions. Aside from the Daily Caller’s Media Matters source proclaiming “We were pretty much writing [MSNBC's] primetime.”

As for me, I am not ready to support removing tax exempt status of Media Matters. It should be noted that Media Matters should be seen as a partisan organization and unethical one at that. It is not a media organization, but hired assassins. For me, it is a case of simply playing by a set of rules, don’t mess with our tax status and we won’t go after yours, but it won’t stop us from telling the truth about your unethical behaviors. A question for the folks running NBC News; do you really want your news department part of a stench that is Media Matters?


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