Sophisticated Ignoramus

The definition of ignoramus is an ignorant person, a vain pretender to knowledge. The Obama Administration is loaded with people from the academic world. Professors and PHD’s from the top universities in America. When you see the mess that they are making in this country, you have to wonder how can they be so smart and at the same time make so many dumb decisions.

I think we have to remember what education can do and what it cannot do. You go to school to eliminate your illiteracy not your ignorance. Sometimes schools will polish your ignorance so that you can become a sophisticated ignoramus. Ignorance is the root of misfortune. The thing that will eliminate your ignorance is wisdom. There is no chair of wisdom in anyone’s school or university.

Job in the Bible asked, “Where is Wisdom to be found and where is the place of Understanding.” The answer was and is, “To Love God is Wisdom and to depart from evil is understanding.”


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