Mitt Romney Discusses His Vision for America During the Conclusion of the 2012 Republican National Convention

Well its official, last night Governor Mitt Romney accepted his partys nomination to be the 45th President of the United States. The last night of the convention was all about his vision for America and how the policies he would advance differ from the failed policies of President Obama, which have resulted in forty-two months of unemployment above 8%!

These are tough times, and despite the "good feelings" many people had four years, most are stuck with disillusionment and a yearning for real economic change and prosperity. The last night of the 2012 Republican National Convention showed the American people that we are offering a nominee who actually believes that America is an exceptional country with extraordinary people. More importantly, Governor Romney emphasized that our best days are still ahead of us and that the American people can do and deserve better leadership.

In November, we will have a big decision to make: will we accept mediocrity and policies that deprive people of their dignity, or will be believe in the spirit of American hard work and get the government out of our way?


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