Brady Talks Biden's Refusal to Put America First on The Sam Malone Show

Thursday, I joined the Sam Malone Show to discuss the looming recession in President Biden's economy, rising inflation, and President Biden's refusal to put America first.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

On the looming recession under President Biden's economy:

“The President is in denial, again, about the recession that is looming. He caused it. It is his recession and it's inevitable because of his policies.”

"8 out of 10 Americans believe they are in a recession already–not in Texas, I mean we're blowing and going–but most of the country, and every small business in America, feels like one is coming. He's just in denial about this cruel economy."

On Bidenflation and the insignificant holiday gas tax:

"It's insignificant, and it's insulting. Guess what that is – an average driver over 3 months will pocket $7 while they spend an extra $2,800 on fuel this year. That is what Joe Biden will deliver for them. And it’s insulting because...what is he going to send us for food prices, for clothing, for housing, for utilities? Bidenflation has created a cruel economy.”

"A new report shows that, because of Bidenflation, 26 million low-income household families have burned through all of their savings this year since he became President. ... He still doesn't recognize how cruel his leadership is to working families."

On Biden’s refusal to put America first:

"[President Biden] is getting back on the plane to go to Saudi Arabi to take a knee, but he won't get on the plane to come to West Texas to see how you actually make America energy independent and lower those prices. And he won't get on that same plane to go to the border to see what he is doing there either. I’d like a President who has our interests—America's interests—put first. And I just don’t see it.”

On the newest Member of Congress, Rep. Mayra Flores (TX-34):

"The newest Member of Congress—Representative Mayra Flores from Texas, the first Mexico-born Congresswoman in history—was sworn in on the same day 234 years after the U.S. Constitution was ratified. You have this young woman who immigrated legally, picked cotton with her family to earn money for school supplies, and served on the front lines of COVID. She is really an inspiring American Dream story. It’s really cool that she is in our Texas Republican Delegation.”

"I’ll tell you, in just a couple days, she’s the real deal. She is married to a Border Patrol agent. She already offered an amendment...for us to secure the border, protect our communities there. She's already in the fight. It’s pretty inspiring."


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