Kevin Brady

Tax Day has come and gone, and the truth is that the vast majority of American taxpayers have benefited from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Since day one, Democrats in Congress have been rushing to impeachment. After Robert Mueller reported there was no collusion between Russia and President Trump’s campaign, they immediately jumped to their next fishing...
I was among the first to sign the discharge petition for the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act, and now I call upon my colleagues to join me in upholding the sanctity of life and defending our most innocent.
After two years, 2,800 subpoenas, 1,000 search warrants and interviews, tens of millions of dollars, and unfettered freedom to follow every path, Special Counsel Robert Mueller reported there was no collusion between Russia...
Most American families live paycheck-to-paycheck. They need tax relief now, which is why 90 percent of workers started seeing their tax cut in their paychecks starting last February.
Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee put their“attack President Trump at all costs”agenda on full display last week, holding a hearing focused on forcing the IRS to hand over the President’s tax returns...
I congratulated D’Anne Emmett Spence of Huntsville, Texas, as she was promoted to the rank of Colonel of the United States Air Force, and invited her to be his guest at the State of the Union Address.
Friday, thousands gathered in our nation’s capital and came together in a March for Life, taking a passionate stand and supporting the sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn. As we move into the minority, it is more...
This government shutdown is unnecessary. 
115th Congress By The Numbers
IRS building
The Ways and Means Committee has been working hard on three important, bipartisan bills to reform the IRS, develop our workforce, and make retirement programs work for all Americans. 
Kevin Brady talking to Army Corps
This week, I hosted members of the Army Corps of Engineers Galveston in his Washington, D.C. office to get an update on recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey and talk about ongoing local projects. Colonel Lars Zetterstrom...
In 2016 President Obama said there was no answer to bringing manufacturing jobs back to hard-working Americans – not unless we had a “magic wand”.
Priorities reveal everything. HR 1 is reserved each session of Congress by the majority party for the biggest change they champion for America.
We have to do more. I support more mental health resources, more research into what drives mass shootings, more local law enforcement training and more to stop black-market firearms sales and ‘straw purchasers’.   
Yesterday, I released the following statement in support of the re-introduction of the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act:
There is an untold story behind the weekend announcement that the federal government would reopen until February 15. Lawmakers in both parties will work to find common ground on the stalemate that partially closed the...
The rumor mill is hard at work, but you can't believe everything you hear.
After passage in the Senate last week, the First Step Act was passed by the House with overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle.



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