Cornyn: Vote Against Tax Reform is a Vote to Send Jobs Overseas

Today at a press conference, I discussed what tax reform legislation means for the American economy and the importance of passing the Senate’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video of my remarks can be found here.

A yes vote on this tax bill means voting yes to a growing economy, more jobs, higher wages, and more take-home pay. A no vote, which is what our Democratic colleagues so far are telling us that they’re going to cast, is a vote for stagnant wages, fewer jobs, flat wages, and accepting the idea that American jobs will continue to go overseas because of our self-destructive business tax code.

So, this is for the doers and the dreamers and the hardworking American families who want a piece of the American Dream. This is our opportunity. This is our moment to deliver to them an opportunity then to pursue their dreams, and we intend to follow through and accomplish that.


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