ICYMI: Brady Talks Biden's Continued Economic Crisis, Weak Foreign Policy, Skyrocketing Crime

I recently joined The Sam Malone Show to discuss President Biden's continued economic crisis, weak foreign policy, continued border crisis and rising crime across the country.

Click HERE or above to listen to the full interview.

On President Biden's continued economic crisis:  “The damage [the Democrats] are doing to the country, but to the economy specifically, you just can’t exaggerate. It is so bad what all is happening. And even last week, you have the President, for the first time they’re all celebrating at the White House because finally, in their fourth try, they barely met expectations for the economy for the last three months. But there are huge red flags: we’ve got raging inflation that has wiped out the last three years of wage gains for Americans. ... You’ve got a massive drop in real income for families as a result of all this.

"You’ve got a President that has bungled the economy in his first year. Americans have lost confidence. They don’t think he’s competent to lead this economic recovery, because he took his eye off of COVID, made the labor shortage worse, denied that inflation was even occurring and then dismissed it…so really, for a lot of Americans, they’re struggling right now under this President."

On the Democrats' weak China bill: “They’ve got this bill on China that does nothing to hold China accountable for their behavior, for their cheating, for their stealing and theft of our American intellectual property...does nothing to get America back out into the world and create customers for our farmers, our manufacturers, our local businesses, including in Texas. In fact, what it does is it creates more trade welfare, it holds these poor countries hostage to the Green New Deal, and it’s got these lavish subsidies for healthcare for workers who aren’t even impacted by trade. And that’s just the portion of the bill that Ways & Means deals with. We call it the “America Concedes Act,” because basically it continues to concede to China around the world and here."

On President Biden's weak foreign policy: “America seems weak, Joe Biden seems weak, and countries are taking advantage of it—China and Russia especially. But the whole world no longer sees us as a reliable partner on anything."

On skyrocketing crime and the border crisis: "Look at the skyrocketing crime in Houston and across the country. Look at the border crisis, more than a doubling of apprehensions last December, as well as all the fentanyl flowing across the border and into our communities and unfortunately into our neighborhoods. So it is just crisis after crisis, and the President is just clueless, it seems like, about all of them.

"Families are leaving Houston, moving to safer communities and safer counties. These major cities can't handle their crime, and it's just getting more dangerous. ... All of these cities and neighborhoods don't deserve this."


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