ICYMI: “Republicans must meet the moment”

On Tuesday, Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) penned an op-ed on the Washington Examiner calling on Republicans to meet the moment and press in on spending accountability.

The full text of the op-ed is available at the link here; some key quotes are below.

  • “If we are to defeat the Democrats, both politically and legislatively, we must fight harder than they do. Democrats have successfully navigated razor-thin majorities to enact their agenda before. Republicans must be willing to do the same, and more, to save America.”
  • “Senate Republicans have already tried to water down the strong policies in H.R. 2 in pursuit of a ‘deal’ on Ukraine. The speaker should make clear such a bad ‘deal’ will be dead on arrival in the House.”
  • “Our message should be clear: House Republicans will combat inflation and the woke and weaponized federal bureaucracy by securing gimmick-free spending cuts and conservative policy riders through the passage of individual appropriations bills.”
  • “To be certain, Republicans must oppose providing Ukraine another blank check, and if there is any spending, at all, it must be paid for.”
  • “Democrats expect us to capitulate to these ‘[side] deals,’ as evidenced by a recent exchange I had with Rosa DeLauro, the top Democrat on the Appropriations Committee. Given Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is not party to these side deals, nor are they required in the text of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, he can and should reject them and at least force Democrats to stick to the true spending caps.”

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