The Left's Contradiction Will Doom It

The week of June 22nd 2015 may simply be the week that represents the high point of the modern day leftist movement. Yes, they got gay rights, but they also got the Supreme Court to bail out Congress on Obamacare in one of the worst judicial decisions ever handed. The Court rewrote Obamacare to keep it legal and demonstrate that for the modern left, words have no meaning. I could go on but if nothing else, we found out that the leftist view point “law is politics” is now the law of the land. Or simply we have no law but the law of men, and whatever Congress passes means nothing anyway.

So why the optimism? Simple, the failure of leftist rule is hitting us in the face. While we were waving rainbow flags here, ISIS was on an killing spree across the Middle East, the Obama administration continued to cave into whatever Iran demanded, and Greece showed us our future as it is about to go under and the EU may simply say, "good-bye".

No matter how you spin it, this was the week in which the world told us our future if we continue on the path we are and the Greek melodrama is simply the latest Obamanomics/Clintonnomics will lead. You don’t have to go too far to realize that Puerto Rico is about to declare itself Chapter Eleven as decades of Democratic rule and Democratic ideology, funded in part by the American taxpayer, is sending Puerto Rico sex feet under. As one pundit remarked, “What is Spanish for Greece? Puerto Rico.” In Illinois, the Illinois Supreme Court told the new governor, you can’t reform the pension plan as written since you made a deal with the government workers and it is okay for them to bankrupt the rest of the state. Illinois is one big economic basket case, Greece in the Midwest and with Democrat legislators ready to fight for every cent of government largess, folks are moving out of Illinois to more fertile ground where common sense does occasionally reign.

The Obama foreign policy continues to spiral out of control as ISIS and Iranians play us for fools. Meanwhile, the Democrats have as a serious candidate, a self-admitted Marxist who is not even bothering to register as a Democrat but at least represent truth in advertising. As for Hillary, never has a political party ever allowed such a scandal ridden candidate to run. Usually we don’t find out if a politician is corrupt after they are elected but the Clintons have brought their entire sortied past into this election. I mean, does anyone think that if a Republican had anywhere near the scandal that Hillary has managed to put together with the Clinton’s foundation alone, they wouldn’t be gone? Don’t you not think we would have a daily update on what is going on at the Bush’s foundation, if Jeb Bush's foundation was anywhere near as corrupt with 90 percent of its receipts going to the Bush family and their entourage? As one pundit notes, it is the Clinton family crime foundation.

This economic recovery is the weakest in history, and it is now starting to show its age as we see the middle class still struggling while the Obama administration declares war on fossil fuels, thus increasing the cost of fuel for the Middle Class and the poor, plus Obamacare maybe still be legal in the eyes of the Court, but its internal contradiction is showing its ugly heads as we find ourselves with higher heath care cost and fewer choices.

Greece's crisis is just a reminder of our future but so is Detroit. In DeBlasio's New York, crime is inching up and Chicago is still reeling from a couple of murders a day, mostly in the poorer part of towns where Chicago's gun control laws keep guns out of the law-abiding citizens' hands while criminals and thugs roam the street.

So we may be witnessing the high water mark of the left but as Greece reminds us, the problem with socialism or leftist economic theories in general is that you eventually run out of someone else's money.


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