Rep. Chip Roy issues statement on House Continuing Resolution

On Tuesday, Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement after voting against Congress’ continuing resolution:

Today, I voted against a continuing resolution (CR) that continues inflationary deficit spending, fails to secure a single policy victory for the American people, won the praise of the leader of the House Progressive Caucus, was jammed through over conservative objections via suspension of the rules, and impedes Republicans' future fights on critical issues like border security.

Inflation is taxing American paychecks, interest payments on our $33 trillion national debt are exploding, and Moody’s just downgraded our debt outlook to “negative.” This CR fuels Washington's spending addiction while funding direct attacks on our security, prosperity and way of life: Biden and Mayorkas’ open border policies, anti-Israel UN programs, government-wide diversity and CRT programs, abortion tourism and transgender surgeries at the Pentagon, a weaponized DOJ, anti-energy policies, and too many others to list.

The status quo in Washington is destroying this republic, and the American people did not elect a Republican majority to continue it. Unfortunately, that is exactly what this CR does.


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