Rep. Van Duyne Introduces Bill to Repeal Biden’s $15 Billion Chemical Tax

Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, introduced legislation to repeal the harmful Superfund tax imposed through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The 2021 infrastructure law doubled the Superfund Tax, targeting chemical manufacturers with approximately $15 billion in taxes on 42 different materials that are essential to produce ordinary household goods.

"I’m introducing the Chemical Tax Repeal Act to help America’s working families keep more of their hard-earned money and afford everyday goods like soap, lightbulbs, and electronics,” said Rep. Van Duyne. “President Biden’s misguided Chemical Tax not only increases the price of these household goods, it also makes it harder for our domestic manufacturers to compete globally. I remain focused on finding common-sense solutions to ease the pain of inflation for North Texas families and keep American manufacturing globally competitive, especially with adversaries like China.”

Congresswoman Van Duyne was joined by her Ways and Means colleagues Representatives Mike Carey (OH-15) and Carol Miller (WV-01) in introducing the Chemical Tax Repeal Act. A similar bill was introduced in the Senate earlier this year.

The bill is also supported by the American Chemistry Council, which issued the following statement of support:

“As a result of these misguided taxes, U.S. manufacturing competitiveness is further threatened by countries like China. The taxes single out the chemical industry at a time when supply chain challenges and new proposed restrictions from the Biden administration pose significant challenges for the business of chemistry and our industry’s ability to create products that are important to national priorities.”


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