Van Duyne to Host North Texas Job Fair with over 130 Local Businesses

I recently announced a North Texas Job fair hosted by my office at the Irving Convention Center on July 15 from 1-6pm. I will be joined by over 40 local Mayors, State Representatives and State Senators and have brought in over 130 businesses and counting in the area like Toyota, Amazon and American Airlines who are looking to hire employees.

While meeting with businesses in TX-24, I am constantly told about hiring shortages and the employment difficulties that have been brought on by the pandemic. We have businesses who survived the pandemic only to be forced to close from lack of workers. 

We know that enhanced federal unemployment benefits end here in Texas on June 26, and our goal is to make sure that every person in North Texas has access to a job. This job fair is about empowering North Texans with opportunities, from individuals stating a career in an entry level position to executives looking for their next challenge. No one who wants to work hard and provide for their family should be without a job, and we are here to make finding that job a little easier on North Texans.

I have created so people who are interested in attending, or additional businesses who may want to participate are able to get more information and receive alerts and reminders about the event. As the date of the job fair draws nearer, the website will serve as a digital hub for some businesses to link the jobs they have available. 

I am proud to have gathered a bipartisan group of mayors and legislators to join forces to invite individuals all over North Texas to participate. It is our hope that anyone in need of employment or considering a career change will join us in Irving on July 15. 


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