Houston Independent School District: Scores Sinking As Our Kids Suffer

As our children's test scores decline, the Houston ISD School Board is more interested in changing school names at the cost of millions than running the school district.

Now, there are strong members of the Board, but they are in the minority. The Houston business community needs to get out of its slumber and get active in the School Board elections, or the clown show that's become our Board will continue.

So here are a few tips for how to help the Board get its act together: (1) hire a good Superintendent, (2) as for name changes, if you must change them to appease the politically correct, how about Ronald Reagan High School for John Reagan, Lanier Middle School to Bob Lanier Middle School, Lee High School to Sheila Jackson Lee High School (Why not? It saves a lot of money), (3) put a hold on expanding magnet programs until the Board's own mandate and successful process is followed, (4) strengthen, not weaken the School Board's ethics policy.

Our children are too important for the petty gamesmanship by some clueless Board members.


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