Sen. Cruz: I Applaud the Trump Administration for Protecting Religious Freedom for Students and Religious Organizations

As chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution I recently issued the following statement applauding President Trump for proposing new rules to protect religious freedom for students and organizations:

By protecting the right to express one's faith at school or through a religious organization, the Trump administration is taking a stand for one of our most fundamental freedoms. Increasingly, we see religious freedom and conscience rights vilified by an intolerant segment of liberal elites, the media, academia, and the entertainment industry. The space in which it is deemed acceptable to practice one's faith shrinks each and every day. The threats to religious freedom are never ceasing, and we need candor and resolve if we are going to identify these threats and stop them.

The United States has inherited a rich tradition of religious freedom, and I'm thankful the Trump administration is taking concrete steps to stand up for Americans of faith.

Background: The Trump administration's proposed rules would reverse Obama-era regulations that single out religious organizations and would enable religious organizations to compete for funding on a level playing field without being discriminated against. The administration is also taking action to protect the right of students to pray and express their religious beliefs at school.


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