Holy See What Else is Being Said!

Please read this article. It follows closely on the heels of the Papal pronouncement on climate change and my article challenging that pronouncement

No sooner did the current, temporary resident of the Vatican release the statement on climate change, supposedly based upon science, than it comes to light that the advisor to the "Holy See" on the subject is not a scientist but a mystic and follower of a cult of environmental extremists.

Now, a Nobel prize winning scientist has called the position taken by the Pope, as endorsed by Barack Obama, "dead wrong". I will not further paraphrase or otherwise highlight the article, as I feel it speaks for itself.

Listen people, when supposed leaders, such as a catholic priest or a US President, soon to be released from further service, make statements, disregarding science and proven fact and, further, claiming the science is "concluded" on the matter, it is time for common people to exercise common sense and look past these statements and the temporary leaders who utter them.

Read on. The science may well be settled, but in exactly the opposite position claimed by a mystical Pope and a lame duck (emphasis on lame) US President.


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