Thoughts on Climate Change, Foreign Policy, and More

Left-Side Support for France's Far-Right National Front

In France, many gays are aligning themselves with the National Front led by Marine Le Pen. Ms. Le Pen’s movement is most noted for its opposition to immigration, in particular, Muslim immigrants. What reason would gays support the National Front? The rise of jihadist ideology among many Muslims immigrants and the recent attack on Charlie Heddo has given many gays a reason to support the National Front and Ms. Le Pen has made it a point to welcome gays as part of her anti-immigration coalition. A quarter of gays support the Front compared to only 16% of straight voters. For French gays, it could be the perception that their survival and rights is more guaranteed under the right wing Le Pen than either major French parties. Sebastian Chenu, an openly gay supporter, noted about Le Pen, “Marine Le Pen represents a sort of absolute freedom in a political world that is much policed, where everyone resembles each other. She has come in and shake things up," and added that Le Pen is more open to minorities. One can dispute that, but how much has the increase of jihadist penetration among many Muslim immigrants pushed gays to a Party that is still opposed to same-sex marriage and stands for traditional marriage?

Climate Change

Ted Cruz recently showed how to deal with climate change alarmists and extremists by simply arguing, “Follow the science.” Cruz points out the failure of computer models and moves on from there by pointing out how many of the climate alarmist predictions have been wrong for the past four decades, including how their theories have not worked out in the real world. Our own research shows that most voters prefer the development of our energy sector and the growing economy as opposed to “saving the planet from climate change.” This is a winning issue if Republicans follow through on the Cruz way and talk about how our fossil fuel energy produces high paying jobs for the middle class. In a poll by Gallup, climate change rates is low on the voter priority list, so this is a winning issue for Republicans. 

Foreign Policy

If you want to see Obama’s illogical foreign policy in action, just watch the Middle East. Iranians and their allies attacked Tikrit but after three weeks they are asking for our air cover since they have stalled. So, we are now helping Iranian allies in Iraq, and it appears that we are now supporting Arab led efforts to defeat Iran’s allies in Yemen. We are about to make it easier for Iran to get the bomb. There are reports that Iranian allies are leaving the field as result of American air cover but as one article noted, the Iranian allies have suffered heavy losses.

War in the Middle East

The Saudis are now forming their own alliances to fight Iran's attempt to form a hegemony over the Middle East. Saudi’s intervention occurred after Obama’s dismal failure in Yemen, and the Saudis have made it clear they will pursue nuclear weapons if Iran gets the bomb (or even before if Obama give Iranians an unofficial green light.) So, Obama has now managed to start a possible Middle East war. Let’s call it smart Diplomacy.

Hillary's E-Mails

Hillary Clinton has managed to eliminate all emails on her server after saying she had some 30,000 emails available for viewing. Can we simply say “obstruction of justice?” With the Holder/Obama Department of Justice, Clinton doesn't need to worry about any serious investigation and it won’t be long before the media will simply write, “Old News and what difference does it make?,” unless Team Obama decides they prefer another candidate to be the Democratic nominee, then Hillary might be in trouble.


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