Harris County DA Democrat Candidate Lloyd Oliver's Position on Domestic Violence - For some people "... part of their making love is to beat one another up first."

Lloyd Oliver - Domestic Violence or ForeplayAuthors Note: Monday kicks off Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Lloyd Olivers comments below are a blatent slap in the face to all of us concerned with this local, state and national problem.

The main stream media is obsessed with a notion that Republicans have a "war on women".   But look what Democrat candidate for Harris County District Attorney, Lloyd Oliver, had to say about his position on prosecuting some cases of domestic violence. During a debate with his opponent, Republican Mike Anderson, on the Houston PBS Show "Red, White and Blue", Oliver was asked by the shows Democrat host, David Jones to clarify comments he made in a prior debate. Oliver had said you should let some people charged with domestic violence just go and "fight it out". In an even more shocking response, Oliver doubles down on his statement explaining that for some people, "... part of their making love is to beat one another up first."  Jones later responded, "The gender gap may have just been reduced!"

Of course, the gender gap is entirely a creation of the liberal media in their attempt to protect, promote and re-elect Barack Obama as President.  There is no war on women by Republicans or Democrats.  There is no attempt or desire by Republicans to limit womens access to contraception.  This was a myth created by ABCs George Stephanopoulos during a Republican Primary presidential debate.

Olivers comment is shocking and would be laughable were it not for the seriousness of domestic violence and abuse in this country.  According to a report by the National Institute of Justice, over 2 million women and men are victims of domestic violence every year. Oliver is the Democrat Party candidate for Harris County District Attorney in Houston, Texas. It is the third largest DA office in the nation.  And, it is the office responsible for prosecuting domestic violence cases.  How can the Democrat Party nominate someone that would take this stance to lead their law enforcement and judicial ticket?

The one-minute video below is edited for time purposes and to highlight Olivers policy on domestic violence.  Nothing is taken out of context.  These are clearly his thoughts on this issue.  Although David Jones remarks came a couple of minutes later in the debate, they were a direct response to Olivers comments.  The entire debate, originally aired on Sept. 28th, can be seen in its entirety by clicking this link toHoustonPBS.org.  

In clarifying his domestic violence prosecution position, Olivers full comment is, "Theres some people, I dont understand it (while wildly waving his hands), but part of their making love is to beat one another up first. Why do we want to get involved in peoples bedrooms? Lets stay out of their bedroom."  He continued with an even more outrageous assertion about wasting the DAs financial resources stating, "What we do is, we take that and waste the precious resources of the District Attorneys office pursuing that..." Clearly Oliver is putting this forward as a policy position.

But then, Oliver has a history of ignoring crimes against women as a matter of expedience.  A Houston Chronicle article this week reminds voters that Oliver was indicted in a 1989 case where he schemed with another attorney to get a teenage girl to drop rape charges against her stepfather in order to facilitate a divorce settlement favorable to her mother (Olivers client).  According to the article, Oliver "expressed no qualms about the dismissal of the rape charge."  Oliver was found not-guilty in the case despite his voice on a tape recording where he said, "All shes got to do, I think, is say, I dont want to pursue it." Perhaps he didnt consider that to be a case of "legitimate rape".

Democrat host, David Jones, himself a former Democrat candidate for Harris County DA, brought up Olivers comments from a Sept. 19th debate on KUHF (Houston Public Radio) where Oliver discussed declining to prosecute some cases of domestic violence.  Oliver referred to one of his cases where he told the parties, "You two idiots, if you want to fight, go get in the ring somewhere and leave us taxpayers out of it. Your children dont need to see this. But whoever wins, whatever you guys do with it, thats your guys business."

Folks, there is no Republican set-up here.  This is a liberal Democrat political commentator asking a Democrat candidate a question on a PBS broadcast show.  It is what it is. Unlike the mainstream media, we are simply telling you what happened, not making up some mythological "war on women".

"Red, White and Blue" is a weekly political affairs program aired by Houston PBS and is hosted by former Harris County Republican Party Chairman Gary Polland and Democrat attorney David Jones.  The show does an outstanding job of bringing forward informative discussion of political issues on a local, state and national level. Polland is also heavily engaged in getting out the conservative vote with his Texas Conservative Review magazine.

Victims of domestic violence and spousal abuse do not need an official with this mindset in a position charged with protecting those who may be too weak to defend themselves.  It is often hard enough for prosecutors to get victims to come forward and testify.  They do not need a boss that feels that beating your spouse in anger is somehow acceptable sexual foreplay.

Lloyd Oliver on Domestic ViolenceThis is the kind of left wing liberal jurisprudence that brings us a slate of unpredictable judges like Democrat Judge Kevin Fine in the 2008 Obama sweep. Fine had to reverse himself after trying to declare the death penalty unconstitutional. These activists believe that they dont have to follow or enforce the law. Like their leader, President Obama whose lawless presidency brought us things like unconstitutional executive orders; illegal recess appointments; abuse of the bankruptcy system to redistribute wealth; disregard for Congressional oversight and consent; and breaking the law with a "Fast and Furious" program designed to further an anti-second amendment theology - these activists will find every way they can to circumvent the rule of law.  

Lloyd Oliver makes a laughing stock of the entire Harris County Democrat slate of candidates on this Novembers ballot.  He is fond of calling people like the current and most recent Harris County Democrat Party Chairs "Goobers".  In the debate, Oliver repeats the "Goober" charge stating, "Those two Goobers tried to remove me from the ballot?!  Please!"  Clearly the "Goober" charge is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.  


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