Protecting Israel and Escalating Violence in Iraq

We’ve all heard about the violence in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas. As Israel tries to defend itself against thousands of rockets fired by the terrorist group Hamas, death tolls continue to grow, and communities have been devastated. I support Israel’s efforts to destroy the Hamas-built tunnel system they’ve been using to traffic terrorists and weapons into Gaza, and I fully support Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorism.

In July, I voted to support Israel by providing additional funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system, which has significantly reduced civilian casualties in Israel. Israel is a strong ally in an increasingly violent and unpredictable region. They stand for freedom and democracy, and we must stand with them. I hope the current 72-hour cease-fire will hold. But I also hope that any long-term agreement between Israel and Hamas will provide the protection they need to maintain peace. I’ll be following closely as negotiations continue.

I also want you to know I’m paying close attention to the unfortunate developing situation in Iraq as well. I welcome your thoughts on what role the U.S. should play as we move forward.


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