‘Texan’ Defined: ‘I’m Gonna Try to Save Some Lives,’ Says Volunteer Rescuer

As a volunteer rescuer from Texas City prepared to launch his boat on a Houston freeway, a reporter asked him what he was going to do. His answer revealed much about the attitude of being a Texan.

An unidentified reporter approached a man as he began putting his boat into the flooded river that yesterday was an interstate highway. The Independent Journal Review reports he asked the man, “You guys here to help out?” The man responded “Yessir!”

He then asked the man what he “is about to do.”

The man responded, “I’m gonna go try to save some lives.” He then went on about his business of doing good for the flood victims in the Houston area.

The video below was posted by KARK4 Meteorologist Austin Kellerman:



It appears the reporter was not from Houston, as a Texan would likely have asked, “What are you fixin to do?”

In another video shown on Fox News, a Good Samaritan waded into a flooded roadway to rescue three people in distress.



Former Dallas Quarterback “Dandy Don” Merideth reportedly once said, “Never ask a man if he is from Texas. If he is, he’ll tell you. If he isn’t, don’t embarrass him.”


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