The Ugly Horrific Truth Of Abortion! Warning Graphic Images Of Aborted Baby!

“America will never reject abortion until America sees abortion.”
- Dr. Alveda King niece of Martin Luther King, Jr

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life

Many of us do not want to see a baby torn apart because of abortion. I sure don’t. In fact, the few times that I have seen a poster with a dismembered baby, I turn my face. But avoiding seeing these gruesome images will not make the seriousness of the murders go away. Many of us want to deny the fact that this really even occurs. But it does! We all want to live in a fantasy or in a ‘beautiful’ world we make for ourselves. Dr. Kermit Gosnell brought reality into our homes. Texas has its very own horrific killer of the unborn, abortionist Douglas Karpen in Houston. 

Certainly the pro-choice supporters are in denial, and the abortion industry is not representing the truth about abortion. Some do not even acknowledge that a pregnant mother is carrying a ‘real’ person. Most young women and teenage girls do not realize what happens to the unborn child she is carrying when she makes the decision to stop a beating heart. Maybe if she could see exactly what happens to her baby, she would rethink her decision to abort.

It is the leaders of the Culture of Death that won’t allow any ‘real’ information to the women considering abortion. The Culture of Death hides behind words like ‘privacy,’ ‘women’s health care,’‘reproductive rights’ or ‘women’s right to choose’ and those in the Culture of Death never use the word A B O R T I O N. It is always about the ‘rights’ of women to choose what they want with ‘their bodies.’ These very same women give their unborn baby absolutely no right to choose to live.

The abortion industry has very successfully hidden their abortion agenda using marketing techniques to hide the truth. Making words sound all so ‘pretty’ to unsuspecting mothers makes them easy targets for aborting their babies.

Right now in Texas, we are experiencing how the abortion industry wants to change the way Texans and Americans look at abortion. They are using their intimidation and marketing skills. We must not let them. Instead of taking responsibility for their horrendous act of silencing the unborn, many pro-choice supporters are saying that ‘if this bill passes’ we are condemning women to go back to the dark ages. They are resurrecting their old logo, the ‘hanger.’ With the advances of technology it is not even reasonable that ‘hangers’ will ever return. Besides, HB2 that just passed, the House committee will still permit abortion by a licensed doctor in surgically approved centers. HB2 will limit the time to abort a baby from six months to five months.

Showing graphic images will help to bring the face of the slaughtered innocents to light. Graphic images are being used in pregnancy centers. I spoke to Pam Caylor, the past director of First Choice Pregnancy Services in Las Vegas, Nevada. “We have standing room only in that center”, she told me. Today she is a pro-life spokesperson teaching and speaking on behalf of the unborn. She told me that, “We see about 5,000 women a year for pregnancy tests, and on top of that, perform 2,800 ultrasounds a year.” The age groups are 13 to 40 years but the main group is the high school to college 15-23 group. Most are actively seeking an abortion and deciding whether or not they want to abort.

“Most women do not know that the babies are dismembered.” She emphasized that they found that the ultrasound and consultation is not enough. “We found that the ultrasound and the counseling are not enough, that they really need to see what happens to those babies and what happens to their body.” She told me that the responses from the women are, “I never knew that that’s what it did. I never knew that that is what actually happened to the baby.” Number one, she said, “they do not know how developed the baby is” and Number two, “they have no idea that the babies are dismembered as they are being aborted.”

Caylor further commented that, “About 80% of women who choose life indicate that the graphic images were probably the single most impacting key in making their decision. It is a packaged deal: the ultrasound, the consultation, and the images. But the single most impacting factor is the graphic image. The ultrasound is a great tool to cement their decision.” The First Choice Pregnancy center saves about 2,500 babies a year. Caylor also related to me that by showing the graphic images, the center is also showing that they care enough to tell them the ‘truth.’

Phil Sevilla is a friend and a strong pro-life advocate. He also believes in graphic images. In fact, it is Sevilla that held up this sign on Monday, July 1, 2013 while the Orange group rallied with Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and Texas Senator Wendy Davis as they spoke on "women’s rights."

Sevilla has been active in the pro-life movement for twenty-two years as the former Executive Director and President of Project Defending Life, a state-wide, pro-life education ministry and crisis pregnancy center in Albuquerque, N.M., and an Operation Rescue activist in Northern California trained by Operation Rescue founder, Randy Terry.

This is his story. The most influential, highly respected pro-life organizations in America – American Life League, Human Life International, and Pro-Life Action League all endorse the use of abortion graphic images and have done so for decades because the public use of these abortion images are effective.

Last Monday when I stood in front of the large pro-abortion crowd at the capitol in Austin with Malachi, a large poster of the well-known dismembered late term unborn child found in jar in a Dallas abortion mill in 1993, a young man approached me and asked if he could help hold up the poster. He said when he was a 19 years old living in British Columbia and a “pro-choicer”, he was confronted by pro-lifers with abortion posters like Malachi which was the catalyst for his conversion to the pro-life cause. He’s been pro-life ever since. I became active in the pro-life movement with Operation Rescue in California after my sister showed me the documentaries of real live abortions produced by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, one of the most notorious abortionists in New York who co-founded NARAL (National Abortions Rights Action League). Dr. Nathanson (R.I.P.) converted to the Catholic faith and became a prominent pro-life crusader before his death in 2011.

We cannot let the abortion industry have their way. Did you know that the image of a 20 week old baby presented by Heroic Media for advertising pro-life was rejected? The Chicago Tribune, USA Today and the LA Times all refused to run the ad with the image below because it was ‘controversial’.

We must fight for our freedom of expression. We must not let the courts infringe on our 1st amendment rights. On June 10, 2013 the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case on graphic images. In so doing, they let stand the Colorado Supreme court ruling not to allow graphic images where children 12 and under gather. As I understand it, this ruling affects Colorado and its boundaries. Most certainly the abortion industry and their supporters will undoubtly make it difficult for the pro-life movement.

Pro-life advocates who wish to use graphic images should use discretion, being careful not to infringe on the rights of others, such as children under the age of 12. By the same token, pro-life advocates who use the graphic images to help stop abortion must be commended and not be demeaned in their efforts to save the Human Babies!

By the way, it is the abortion industry that is savagely destroying the lives of millions of American babies. Isn’t it time we give a face to what they really do?


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