2019 and America's Gun Control

Expect 2019 to be the year of the Left pushing gun control.  Why?  Because as a personal prediction, I expect more ‘random’ shootings where the mental state of the shooter is in question.  And as a black helicopter enthusiast, I believe the ‘crazies’ will be used to hype the need for gun control — as ‘engineered’ and designed.

Early on in the 1970’s, people who fit the definition of mentally dangerous (a danger to themselves or others) were detained, held for 72 hours, and determined safe to be released back into the public, or be held in a mental facility until ‘cured’.

But before the 70’s were even gone, state mental institutions were being closed all over the U.S. due to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU.  The key subject of the suit was the conditions patients lived in and lack of treatment.  Consequently the ‘baby was thrown out with the bathwater’ — meaning that the effective result was that those with real mental issues were released into the public without care or a requirement of it.

Over time the bureaucrats determined it was more cost efficient to leave those people on the street, rather than ‘fix them’ and/or protect the public from them.  Now today, more than 40 years later, we have nut-jobs walking around committing crimes and endangering the public daily.  Still, the same government that collects “trillions” of dollars in taxes every year, still refuses to address this crisis or address the issues brought forth by the ACLU.

Churches today and their attendees are subject to a much higherprobability of danger than in any time in our country’s history.  About a year ago, the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting incident left 26 people dead and 20 others seriously wounded — the largest church shooting in U.S. history!  And who was the suspect?  A ‘deranged’ man, angry over a domestic violence issue — who was considered unable to possess a gun — planned and attacked that church.  Thanks to a man with a gun who stopped the killer, even more lives were saved.

Just this past Sunday (12/30/2018), a report of a man was found walking toward a local church in Seguin, Texas (not far from Sutherland Springs) wearing camouflaged fatigues, a surgical mask, and carrying a handgun with several rounds of ammunition.  Fortunately, an off-duty Seguin policeman apprehended the suspect after asking why the suspect was carrying the gun.  The man’s response was, “I’m going to fulfill prophecy”.

Maybe 40 years ago our government was trying to be fiscally responsible.  But today, their motivation is becoming progressively more questionable.  If we are experiencing so many incidents of people attempting to or killing innocents, why isn’t our government addressing the person instead of the weapon?  One would think that after the first few incidents it would become obvious as to what it happening and why.

Even more obvious should be the question of why aren’t they investing in mental facilities to get these crazies away from the public?  If a very large number of criminals in prisons today are mentally unstable (i.e., bi-polar), why are we locking those people up instead of trying to help them?  Why is the government not motivated to take such action?

We now have a House of Representatives lead by Leftists who are driven to eliminate all guns from our society.  Because of such shootings mentioned above?  No, that merely justifies their ultimate actions.  The truth is, the Left in this country knows that they are on the 10 yard line of ‘fundamentally transforming’ the U.S. into a socialist state.  One of the last things standing in their way is the 2nd Amendment.  Without it, the entire constitution of this country is in peril.

Even if this dire prediction is incorrect, we still stand to end up in the same place as Europe.  England’s current homicide rate is due to knives and machetes being used to kill others.  Guns have been outlawed for decades in England.  Worse, the citizens of England have been placed in a position of extreme danger with England’s recent law implemented — possession of knives is prohibited for self-protection.  There has even been a case where a grandmother protecting herself from an attack was arrested for using a knitting needle from her purse!?

Do we really want to follow in these insane footsteps?  Do we here in America want an environment like Europe’s?  Do we really want criminals, mentally deficient people, and diseased people coming into our country unchecked?  Aren’t we capable of creating enoughnut-jobs on our own without outside help?  Should we not be asking ‘why’ the Left insists on this objective of leaving borders open?

We’re playing a very dangerous game of Jenga.  (Carefully pulling out blocks from a tenuous structure waiting to see who makes it fall — the end objective.)  Every year we see yet another insane thing done in our country to make it just a little bit more unsafe and/or ready to fall.  How many blocks do you think we have left?

The people of this country had best get mad as hell and take someaction, or they’re destined for a very bleak future, given our current direction.  Am I suggesting a revolution?  No.  But if it comes to that, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise in our not too distant future.  It will be either something of great magnitude turning the country around, or we’re going to be a socialist state, miserable, afraid, and wondering what happened.

The American public has been taking a very long nap while ignoring what is going on.  One should wonder how much longer we can continue ‘feeling good’ and ignore reality..?  If we’re leaning on one person saving us — president Trump — is that a realistic expectation or solution?  What happens when another Marxist is elected as our leader?  Then what?

As I’ve said many times before, wake up America.  The house is on fire.  You may feel good now in your comfy, warm bed.  But tomorrow, don’t be surprised if it gets much too hot to live as you have in the past.

Treasure what you have and be willing to fight for it.  For, what you do not value, you will not keep.


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