Bad Poker And High Stakes With Obamacare

You must understand what is happening here. This play is a direct result of how the surrendered Republicans have played so far. As per the Rand Paul explanation, these Republicans ABSOLUTELY STINK at political poker. Reid rolled 'em once and he'll raise the stakes, expecting to roll them again. And he's probably right. He's playing with chumps.

New York Republican Congressman Peter King was on FOX last night saying that Ted Cruz was grandstanding all along, knowing he would lose. But why should he assume he will lose? Because Republicans would fold and Democrats wouldn't? The Republicans are pushovers.

They should, if they had any steel and valor, hold the line in Congress and FORCE Obama to shutdown government services ONLY TO PROTECT OBAMACARE, WHICH MOST AMERICANS DON'T WANT AND IS KILLING INDUSTRY, OPPORTUNITY AND QUALITY MEDICAL CARE! I wouldn't hire these guys to sell anything, let alone represent the health of the republic.

Why is it assumed by everyone that Republicans will lose a confrontation on this massive and socially destructive boondoggle? Why do these Republicans accept that when Obama speaks as he did yesterday, saying of any modification: "It's not gonna happen," that we are supposed to say, "Oh, OK, well how about this?" Why should he accept anything? He and Harry Reid have both told you that all they will accept is a clean Continuing Resolution and a clean raise of the debt ceiling. "Now, bring me what I need, dog!"

Why can't the Congress, charged by The Constitution with the power of the purse explicitly for restraining a runaway executive, say of funding Obamacare and a "clean" debt-limit increase, "It's not gonna happen." Not even with the public on their side on both matters? If they tell me that they are going to lose on those issues, I say we have the wrong people making the deal. You should be making this young, inexperienced and un-American tyrant buckle. We've sent boys to do a man's job.



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