Celebrating the Inclusion of the HMMWV Roll Over Mitigation in Ranking Member Rogers’ Top Line Amendment to National Defense Authorization Act

I issued the following statement celebrating the inclusion of the HMMWV Roll Over Mitigation in Ranking Member Rogers’ top line amendment to the NDAA:

I want to express my gratitude to Ranking Member Rogers for including our efforts on the HMMWV Roll Over Mitigation kits in his Top Line Amendment to the NDAA. We reviewed Army and Marine Corps tactical vehicle rollover accidents from FY 2010-2019, and it was clear this amendment was necessary to keep our troops safe. Only $10 million was slated for roll over, and the military was going to commit to purchasing new Humvees, instead of retrofitting the current ones. Retrofitting would save the American taxpayer $12.9 billion. The $183 million is taxpayer money well spent, and a large portion of those funds will be spent in our very own TX-04, at the Red River Army Depot.

There have been 150 service members killed and many more injured through multiple accidents due to HMMWV roll overs. There are 48,493 HMMWVs in the fielded fleet that did not have ABS/ESC roll over mitigation addressed during recapitalization or new production. These are new HMMWV’s that will serve in enduring fleet until 2040 that need Retrofit Kits. We are saving lives and creating jobs in TX-04 by authorizing this procurement to the safety of our HMMWVs.

“I thank Representative Fallon for pushing for this important funding that will save lives and keep our soldiers safe. It is because of Rep. Fallon’s initiative that these technological improvements will be made – drastically decreasing risks to our soldiers who are operating and riding in these vehicles every day. I am glad that this amendment to increase the defense budget topline was adopted on a bipartisan basis,” said Ranking Member Mike Rogers.


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