Pat Fallon

The People's Republic of China's continued military aggression against Taiwan is abhorrent. The United States must adequately respond to these constant threats to Taiwan's autonomy with extreme fervor.
On Wednesday, I spoke on the House Floor in opposition to the PLUM Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act.
As an Air Force veteran, I understand the incessant need for our military to have access to top tier technology to defend our country.
Military service must never be a detriment to future employment, but rather an asset. I’m proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation prioritizing veteran employment following the COVID-19 pandemic.
This critical safety upgrade would not only protect the lives of our military heroes, it would also save the taxpayer over $12.9 billion by opting to install this technology instead of replacing all the impacted Humvees....
An attack on our critical infrastructure is an attack on our entire nation, and it must not go unpunished.
With this decision we are running a serious risk of the situation devolving and unraveling into the chaos we have previously seen under the Taliban. All of the gains and stability we have fought so hard for could completely...
Democrats, to the detriment of the American people, wasted a golden opportunity to show true bipartisanship. What America needs is increased vaccine production and distribution that can reach every citizen who wants it. ...
The HMMWV accident that occurred at Fort Bragg, which killed a soldier and injured four others, is completely unacceptable when the technology exists to mitigate these accidents.
Our federal agencies are neglecting Americans and must be held accountable.
We are saving lives and creating jobs in TX-04 by authorizing this procurement to the safety of our HMMWVs.
America’s critical infrastructure is under attack. Last month, hackers crippled our gas distribution operations, and this weekend an enormous U.S. food supplier was successfully targeted by bad actors.
I’m proud to stand with the sovereign state of Israel, and by introducing this resolution, I hope my colleagues will join me in reaffirming the strong ties between our two countries.
Gary O’Connor’s comment against Senator Tim Scott is abhorrent, insulting, and unforgivable. Both he and the entire Lamar County Democratic Party should be ashamed of this racist behavior. O’Connor must apologize and step...
We need to tread lightly when discussing more regulation, rules, compulsory actions, and behavior. The market should drive wages – the free market.
It is an honor to be selected to serve on the House Armed Services Committee.  There is nothing more important than ensuring our brave men and women in uniform are well trained, well equipped, and well paid for the...

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