The CNN Debate: What Happened?

The three hour listening marathon to the CNN debate on Wednesday, September 16, was not only demanding and sweltering for the candidates but challenging for people who wanted to listen to every word but needed to take a toilet and/or stretch break. Having managed to stay the course and then listen to all the pundits and their opinions made my head spin. So if you aren’t grounded in conservatism, it’s easy to stray and follow the hype. We blame congress for all our woes, but maybe it’s time we do some soul searching and think why Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are ahead of the pack? Why do we give Trump a pass when he insults and makes outlandish comments and not the other more serious presidential candidates that can make a difference? Carson and Fiorina with no foreign policy or legislative experience are mesmerizing the public. We voted for the people in Congress and yes, we have John Boehner and Mitch McConnell not supporting our conservative values but we also have honest men that are working hard to change things, like Senator Cruz and others.

As expected, Trump did not disappoint the viewing audience as the 22.9 million people watching CNN had an eye and ear full. I will say that after the first hour his mouth seemed to slow down, if that is possible. It is very obvious that the MSM just does not want any Godly man as the president. Rick Perry dropped out; Bobby Jindal was sent to the ‘kids’ table, and Cruz stood quietly for his turn. Please understand that this debate was a free for all and Cruz chose not to engage in any of the petty and irrelevant barbs.

We must take a step back and see what is actually going on in these debates. Not only do the candidates have to let the public know who they are and present and defend their stance on policy, they at times clash with the moderators, and may even have to battle their opponents on stage.

I am very skeptical of Ben Caron’s views on end of life and abortion as he was pro-choice and now claims to be pro-life and that he believes the insurance companies should not exist. I am not questioning his ability as a surgeon but as a doctor we really should think about how he relates to our health care. In a 2009 interview on Mega Diversities he said, “The first thing we need to do is get rid of for profit insurance companies. We have a lack of policies and we need to make the government responsible for catastrophic healthcare. If insurance companies are responsible only for routine health care, you are able to predict how much money they are going to need and this facilitates regulations." So tell me, will he even want to repeal Obamacare? We already have someone in the White House that wooed us with words saying one thing and after he was elected everything changed.

I enjoyed Fiorina flaunting her greatest asset, that she is a woman. Her best lines were defending her physical image. Being president is just a bit more. I will commend her for her stance on defunding Planned Parenthoof but then again she is not the only one wanting to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood.

It was pathetic of Trump not to apologize to Columbia, Jeb Bush’s wife especially since Trump is married to someone that was also not born in the USA. His inability to apologize and his very insincere comment to Fiorina that she was a ‘beautiful’ woman showed 23 million that he is working hard to prove we have a WAR on Women. And really folks was this the place to air personal slights? Aren’t there more serious issues they could have discussed?

What we should be listening to is how they will take care of important issues like jobs, the economy, taxes, immigration, national security, the Iran Nuclear Deal, abortion, ISIS, and what policies they plan to implement when they are elected to the White House. Cruz has a perfect solution to the disastrous Iran Deal that is to tear ‘it’ up. Whereas Rand Paul who doesn’t like war said he wouldn’t do that and would wait to see what happens. Is he crazy, ‘wait’ to see what happens? 

It took 39 minutes for the moderator to call on Cruz, and he was number 7 of 11 on time given to speak with 10:45 minutes. The big draw was Trump who was number 1 in time 18:45, and it seems to me that CNN wanted to ‘exhibit’ the candidates in a way that is favorable to Independents and for a very selfish reasons, ratings. They would have preferred more flame throwing.

We all know what happened in 2008 with John McCain, we lost, and in 2012 with Mitt Romney, we lost! We need a consistent conservative to be our nominee, someone who understands that our country is lawless and that without the rule of law we cannot have jobs and economic growth. Our constitution has been abandoned and replaced with tyranny. Lastly but most important, we need a godly man to bring America under God again and I believe that man is Ted Cruz. I stand with Cruz! 

Sonja Harris
Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP

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