Congratulations to President-Elect Trump

I feel like it’s the Fourth of July and a new era of independence from an arrogant and unresponsive federal government.

Hard-working men and women whose incomes have been flat and those looking for work have found their voice and delivered the election to someone who heard them. Americans are tired of being told what to do and think by liberal politicians and the media.

The American people want a president who will put their interests first, not expand the government's control over their lives. They have rejected bad trade deals, open borders, heavy-handed regulations, Obamacare, a liberal Supreme Court, political correctness, and business as usual in Washington, DC.

When I learned I was the first member of Congress to contribute to Donald Trump, I didn't know whether to smile or frown. Now I realize that few actions have given me as much satisfaction. The walk-on quarterback has won the Super Bowl!"


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