TRUMP Our NEXT President of the USA #45

America will celebrate the peaceful transition of power on January 20, 2017 at noon Washington DC time. There are some whiners that wish Donald John Trump would somehow fade away, but in spite of what they want, Trump will be our 45th president. He will be taking his oath of office from Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. Mr. Trump was elected on November 8, 2016 when Texas put him over the top giving him the 270 electoral votes necessary to become our president elect.

While many of us were concerned that Trump might not win, I truly believe we all wanted him to win over his opponent. You could almost hear the sigh of relief coming from so many Americans that wanted to see change and stop the present administration from continuing to destroy the American way of life.

The path to victory has not been easy and since his confirmed win, liberals, progressives, Democrats and even some Republicans have and continue to have difficulty accepting his presidency. Having trouble accepting the fact that Trump will be president is one thing but throwing temper tantrums by grown men and women or students needing a ‘safe place’ and hateful rhetoric by liberal news stations is another thing. One protester even set himself on fire showing just how sick and over the top the haters have become.

At a press conference this morning, Sean Spicer, the Trump administration’s Press Secretary admitted that the Democrats have not been supportive in the transition. He went further to say that the Bush Administration had helped the Obama Administration, but that is not what is happening with the transition from the Obama Administration to the Trump Administration. The liberals are doing everything in their power to stop Trump from becoming our #45 president.

The MSM is relentless in attacking anything and everything that is Trump. They have become rabid and are in a hysterical rage. The MSM is in full display of their treachery towards the Republican president elect and his supporters. It’s not a pretty picture.

Mike Pence spoke this morning at a Press Conference with Sean Spicer and eloquently outlined how this administration will be ready to work on Day 1. All 21 cabinet members and six who need Senate confirmation have been named. An astounding 86,000 resumes have been received by the transition team.

I have personally watched several of the senate hearings and I can truthfully say that the attacks by the Democrats were hostile and totally unnecessary. Questions were asked that did not pertain to the position being heard. Protesters had to be removed from two that I saw.

Watching the Democrats trying to bring Jeff Sessions down, but couldn’t, was both amazing and amusing. Senator Cory Booker insisted that Sessions continue the Obama Administration’s destructive path. Follow the link if you care to watch.

Betsy Devos, nominee for Secretary of Education was ruthlessly attacked. She is a strong proponent for School Choice and the Teachers Union wanted to eat her alive. Here is a link to her hearing if you care to watch.

Let’s just say that Trump has selected some very strong people to help Make America Great Again. This has caused the liberals, progressives, Democrats, or as I call them the Anti-American radicals, feel doomed.

We should focus on the positive festivities that are presently happening in Washington DC. The fact that soon we will have a man in power that loves America and that chose as his vice president, Mike Pence a man who understands the complexities of congress should be cause for celebration. I believe that Trump will work diligently to change the path of America as he Makes America Great Again! His energy is infectious.

Much speculation has been focused on what Obama Executive Orders Trump is going to dismantle. Trump campaigned on repealing Obamacare, The Affordable Care Act, securing the border, addressing the illegal immigration situation, deciding who stays and who gets deported, so these are certain. He will also look into which Executive orders are hurting our economy, and which are downright ridiculous and are detrimental to job growth. The Obama Administration has trampled on our Religious Freedom so Trump’s promise to the Christians cannot be forgotten. Abortion, the culture of death, and the LGBT community have to be one of his priorities. The first 100 days of his presidency will tell us where America is heading.

According to Jeh Johnson, present Secretary of Homeland Security, 700,000 people are expected to attend the inauguration. Armed vehicles will be used as at the Obama inauguration and 28,000 men and women will secure the inaugural area. There were 103 protest groups, for and against, that applied to Homeland Security. I’m thinking this should be a very peaceful transition.

I’m convinced that Trump and Pence will be great for America and that we have to look to the future. Without a doubt, I also believe it will be impossible to undo all the damage that Obama committed during his dictatorial stay at the White House. We cannot bring back the men of Benghazi, but we can make sure it will not happen again. Obama closed the White House to the people; let’s see if Trump welcomes the people back to the WH.



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