Congressman Tony Gonzales Joins For Country Caucus in Calling on Biden to Evacuate All Americans, Allies From Afghanistan

On Monday I joined fellow members of the bipartisan For Country Caucus for a press conference to urge President Biden to keep U.S. troops on the ground until all Americans and allies are evacuated from Afghanistan. Watch the full press conference here.

View my remarks here.

Press Conference

The For Country Caucus is not Republicans or Democrats – we are Americans. And that's what everybody has to remember. These are Americans in Afghanistan. We have to look beyond politics. There's no time for that. Time is literally running out, and we have to use every single moment to make sure that we bring every American home safely.


On Friday, August 20, 2021, the For Country Caucus sent a letter to President Biden asking him not to finish the American drawdown in Afghanistan until all American citizens and Afghan partners are evacuated. You can read the full letter here.


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