Fighting EPA’s Aggressive Overregulation

Congress passed the Clean Water Act in 1972 to ensure the federal government and states would work together to efficiently reduce pollution in our nation’s waterways. And in the last forty years, the Administration has repeatedly tried to squash states’ rights and expand its own authority under this law. Most recently, the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) announced their proposal to give the federal government authority to regulate all sorts of new waterways, in a rule that could extend federal authority to even runoff ditches and stock ponds. This is clearly an aggressive overreach that stomps on the original intent of the law and will have some serious consequences if it is fully implemented. For example, it could even force Texas ranchers to pay to apply for a federal permit to graze their cattle near a muddy pond.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to interview Texan energy, environmental, and farming experts about the EPA’s overregulation of Texas and confirm its burdensome impact on our economy. I’ve already sent a letter to the EPA and USACE requesting they change course on this rule, and now I’m looking forward to questioning Deputy EPA Administrator Robert Perciasepe directly at a Science Committee hearing on Wednesday.


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