General Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial – Adjourned for Deliberation

Lt Governor Dan Patrick adjourned for deliberation at 11:54am on September 15.  Sixteen Articles of Impeachment are being discussed in the deliberation room by the 30 Texas Senators who have the future of Texas in their hands.  Patrick told the jurors, Senators, to leave their phones, not to listen to TV or radio, not to read any articles or speak of the case while deliberating.

Patrick read the following to the jurors before their dismissal.

Sustaining an article of impeachment means that the impeached officer is removed from office for the term the officer was last elected.  You are instructed that the rules adopted by the court of impeachment established that the burden of proof rests on the House Board of managers to prove an article of impeachment beyond a reasonable doubt.  You are to determine if the allegation in each article presented to you has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt and, if so, shall the article of impeachment be sustained which could result in removal of office.  The final question to be put to you after each article is: “Shall this article of impeachment be sustained?”

Sustained means YES to convict.

If General Paxton, who was present in the Senate chambers for the closing arguments, is found guilty of even one Article he will be removed from office and Texas Democrats will be victorious.

Tony Buzbee presented an excellent closing argument for General Paxton’s defense.  He noted that if this situation can happen to Paxton it can happen to anyone.  He reminded the jury that the very first witness Jeff Mateer crumbled under oath.   Buzbee continued, “This case is about nothing.  They failed to gather all the evidence, they failed to review their own evidence, and they failed to talk to all the witnesses.”  He went so far as to say, “They didn’t even understand the law correctly.”   He then said that the media had assumed that Paxton would resign.  Buzbee averred that Paxton had been a rock and had accomplished more than any AG in the country.  “Biden policies come to die in Texas because of Ken Paxton.”  This trial is a political witch hunt.  He declared loud and clear that the “Bush era ends today in Texas.”  Even after three years they still don’t have anything.  He pointed to the 17 Prosecution lawyers being paid $500.00 per hour each and they still don’t have anything. 

It’s my understanding that there are 17 lawyers on the prosecution team being paid $500.00 per hour each.  Have you figured out how much money the taxpayers are losing in this fiasco?  General Paxton is said to be paying for his own defense.  And the whistleblowers are being represented by Johnny Sutton a long time attorney Bush favorite.  The whistleblowers are yet to be billed for any services.

They came with no evidence, no evidence at all.  All the allegations were disproved by the defense team.  My personal favorite was the dressing down of Ranger David Maxwell because he looked Nate Paul up on Google and saw what a bad guy he was.  You know the old saying, “everything on the internet is true.”  Now that is funny.   Seriously conservatives, we must take a hard look at who will benefit if Paxton is removed.  The Democrats!

Buzbee wonders if there is courage in the Senators to vote, “the way you know the evidence requires.”  I wonder, we all wonder, if the Senate Republicans will vote in favor of the defense and let Paxton serve out his term in office.  Or if these same self-righteous senators will allow our Texas to go to the Democrats.

It was Andrew Murr who delivered the main Prosecution closing argument. He stated that as the “state’s top cop his conduct is and was inexcusable.”  Murr went on to state that Paxton claims to be one of us but “unlike the public servants here today he (Paxton) has no regard for the principles of honor and integrity.”   What’s absurd is the fact that Murr actually verbalized that Paxton betrayed those principles. 

As Patrick Von Dohlen told me, ‪“No regard for honor and integrity” goes both ways. Where was the regard for honor and integrity in the due process of law in the House Impeachment Trial?  The “Public Servants” who ran that sham exhibited little honor and integrity themselves. Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

Jeff Leach’s closing argument was a disgrace to the meaning of “friendship.”

Buzbee mentioned the liberal rags: Texas Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, and Texas monthly about all the written articles demeaning AG Paxton.  The Texas Tribune should now report that last night September 14 the Medina County Republican Party Executive Committee, majority of Precinct Chairs, voted to censure “Public Servant”, State Representative Andy Murr.

Time to pray for a positive outcome from this nightmare impeachment that has paralyzed the Texas legislature.  No one knows how long it will take for the Senators to come to a verdict.  They will be sequestered if it goes longer than Sunday night at 8pm.   You all can “sleep in your office,” Patrick advised the jurors.

Pray for the Paxton family and Pray for TEXAS!






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