Granger Condemns Cuban Regime’s Suppression of Freedom

As Republican Leader of the House Appropriations Committee, I recently made the following remarks at a Press Conference at the U.S. Capitol in solidarity with the Cuban people as they stand up against Cuba’s brutal Communist regime.

It is an honor to be here today in solidarity with the courageous people of Cuba.

As a member of Leader McCarthy’s Cuba advisory team, I have been closely following events on the island.

Yesterday, Cubans took to the streets to demand a better life. They demanded an end to the tyranny and repression from the communist party at the peoples’ expense.

They demanded freedom. Their actions were peaceful, but the government’s response was not.  Instead of being heard by the regime, they were suppressed and detained. Sadly, this is not the first or the last time we will witness this oppression. While the Cuban people demonstrate in historic numbers against communist tyranny and corruption, we in the United States must stand behind them.

As ranking member of the appropriations committee, I have supported critical programs to encourage democracy in Cuba and ensure Cubans have access to unbiased, objective news and information.  These programs must be sufficiently funded. They must also be part of a comprehensive, maximum pressure campaign to encourage the regime to transition to democracy.

This American support is important, but we must be clear – it is the Cuban people themselves who are leading this fight.

As long as they have hope for a better future for Cuba, my colleagues and I stand ready to help them make it a reality.


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