The Need for a Reform

Last week I had the honor of taking part in a discussion at the American Embassy in Buenos Aires about the presidential elections in the United States.

On such occasion, the debate also touched on the current situation of the Republican Party. As has widely been reported, some suggest that the Republican candidate does not represent the history of such political party and more importantly, the sentiment of many of its constituents.

Adryana Boyne, a specialist in political parties, explained the context of the current situation and highlighted the importance of the Republican Party in the history of the United States.

Boyne said that the Party is very important for the people and institutions, therefore vindicating the laws and the Constitution, because one of the aspects that shaped this country (the United States of America) is the respect for agreed democratic institutions. This is key in maintaining the rule of law and is of great importance to all citizens since the Republican Party is part of the institutional construct of the United States.

In conclusion, reality indicates that a need exists to reform the party system. The United States needs modern and open parties in which all of the social actors are represented and that ultimately reflect the genuine expression of the American people. Nobody can deny that the Democratic Party is also showing signs of wear. Sanders’ talking points are very different from those of Hillary Clinton. In particular, the Republican Party must now join a candidate that is not from the mainstream political tradition and was not born within the Party womb. Now the Party elite must rise to the occasion and surround its candidate with its most prominent figures; this is to say, with those men and women that will have to govern, in the hypothetical case of a victory in November, with those type of policies that made the United States a superpower. It is because of this that it is of fundamental importance that the next administration, whichever color it may be (red or blue) must be the “government of the best”. The challenge is that the next administration be a government of ideas and projects that can fulfill once again the American dream.


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