That "New" Plan To Deal With Harris County's Broken Court System:Too Little Too Late

On July 20, 2021, under increasing pressure to deal with the Harris County Criminal Justice System in free fall accompanied by an explosive crime rate, Democratic Judge Lina Hidalgo and Commissioner Adrian Garcia hatched a plan to spend $2.5 million for extra judges, and get this, add nine (9) temporary assistant district attorneys for only six months or maybe more.

Let's say that it's better than nothing, but it's almost nothing. The increase in Assistant DA's in this grossly understaffed office is an underwhelming 2.04%! It's only temporary at this point, what good lawyer is going to sign up for just six months, especially when he or she could go to the Public Defender's Office and make more money (as average pay is higher and has a significantly lower case load)?

This half-baked idea is all about political posturing by Hidalgo, Garcia and Ellis. The first two now worry the crime explosion in Harris County on their watch and fear it will defeat them in 2021. Meanwhile this "next to nothing" act is designed to say we are taking care of the problem.

It says here it will not take care of our runaway crime problem.

Instead, Commissioners Tom Ramsey and Jack Cagle have better ideas with significant additions to staff up the DA's office, added needed jail space for violent felons, and add law enforcement and real bond reform to stop the revolving door in our jails and keep dangerous felons locked up.


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