Protecting the Second Amendment

This week, the House passed legislation that protects our Second Amendment rights and ensures that public lands can continue to be used for hunting and fishing. With my support, the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (H.R. 3590) passed the House by a vote of 268 to 154.

This Administration has a long track record of basing its environmental policies on politics rather than science. This bill puts a stop to the EPA’s attempts to ban lead ammunition in the name of protecting the environment. The EPA’s actions are nothing more than a de facto attempt to thwart the Second Amendment rights of Americans, since banning lead would dramatically reduce the availability of ammunition in this country and drive up prices for manufacturers and consumers. I am thrilled to support this legislation and put a stop to this Administration’s attempts to strip away our Second Amendment rights.

Among other provisions, the bill also protects law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights to bear arms on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land, giving gun owners the same rights on Corps land that they have on National Park Service and Forest Service land.

The Obama Administration is continuously trying to whittle away the rights of law-abiding American citizens. We see it in the EPA’s brazen overregulation of Texas farms and ranches and the Administration’s attempts to vilify gun owners. Sportsmen and women are some of the best stewards of our land and resources, and I’m proud to support a bill that ensures that future generations can learn the same lessons of respect, safety, and history of gun ownership that we learned from our parents.


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