Rep. Roy Calls Out Politicized Prosecutions of Austin Cops

On Friday afternoon, I released the following statement in response to news reports that 19 Austin police officers had been indicted on allegations of excessive force for their roles in responding to the May of 2020 riots in Austin, Texas.

As a former federal prosecutor, I don't need to look at the case files here to know that 19 Austin police officers are being politically targeted by a radical leftist district attorney after being targeted by a radical leftist city council. This attack is purposeful, it political, and it is putting Texans’ lives in danger. Those behind it should be ashamed of themselves.”

We need to stand up and defend our law enforcement community – full stop. These are our neighbors who risk everything every day to defend our community. The Texas legislature should immediately step up and ensure that the capital city of the state of Texas is secure and is not a breeding ground for political corruption and targeting.”


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