Rep. Roy statement on voting against the rule for H.R. 5893 and H.R. 5961

Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement after voting against the rule for H.R. 5893 and H.R. 5961:

I voted against the rule for the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations measure and a weak Iran sanctions bill. 

I will not be complicit in failure theater just to fund the Department of Justice while Republicans kill amendments to undo the weaponization of the DOJ. I will not stand idly by and move a bill that fails to restrict Biden’s ability to waive sanctions on Iran as it continues to fund Hamas’ attacks on Israel.     

Just yesterday, House GOP leadership suspended the rules to pass a continuing resolution that funds the unacceptable status quo at Nancy Pelosi spending levels - against conservative objections.

Leadership did not have my vote then, they will not have it now.


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