Rep. Roy: ‘Stop allowing the swamp to change our way of life and our culture’

Last Wednesday, I joined Texas radio host Chad Hasty in an interview about the absurd provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act and my efforts to get Republicans to oppose them:

Full audio of the segment can be found at the link here and some key quotes are below:

  • The bill is chock full of all sorts of green new deal stuff, as well as some woke diversity stuff, but put all that aside, there are reasons to oppose it. There are two provisions that are particularly troubling: one is a red flag provision which would allow people to go after servicemembers’ Second Amendment rights without due process, and number two is a provision that would add women- our daughters, our wives, our sisters, our mothers to the selective service requirement if this NDAA is passed. Republicans should not do that. 
  • We all support our military, but it should not be a Christmas tree to pass garbage... Stop allowing the swamp to change our way of life and our culture by using these mega bills to do it. We should oppose it and anybody who votes for this will not have my support for leader, speaker, president, or any other position.
  • I’m not going to turn over my daughter to the same defense that just abandoned Afghanistan and left 85 billion dollars of equipment for the Taliban to use against us… I oppose it and we all should.

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