The Right Choice

Indivisible Denton’s “Lake Dallas Rally/Demonstration for Healthcare” targeting Congressman Burgess shows who they are. Their last web page states, “Socialize with US” and page 2 summons supporters to “Let’s work toward a Universal Healthcare/Single Payer System.” Obamacare promised lower costs and choice, but seven years of Obamacare have proved different. A recent Department of Health and Human Services report claims that “premiums were 105% higher in the 39 states using Healthcare.Gov in 2017 than individual market premiums in 2013.”[i] The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid released a map indicating that in 2018, 40% of all counties nationwide would only have one Obamacare provider and that 47 counties are projected to have none.[ii] Those promoting repeal of Obamacare believe Free Market Health Care will increase choice, competition and lower costs.

The Two Choices

The difference between the two choices is who makes the choice – the government or the patients and their doctors. The left feels that critical healthcare decisions are best left to a central, top down government authority. The better choice to reverse the ravages of Obamacare is righting the cornerstone of medicine – the doctor- patient relationship.

The Doctor – Patient Relationship

The doctor-patient relationship is an anathema to the left. Knowing that Hillarycare failed after the left admitted that some would lose their doctors, Obama’s “big Pinocchio” lie that you could keep your doctor was a calculated strategic move. Obama then attacked doctors as he attempted to drive a wedge between doctors and their patients.  Remember his insulting attack that Obamacare would keep doctors from unnecessarily amputating a diabetic’s foot for higher compensation when medication was called for? To the dedicated medical professionals who have endured long, arduous years of study and demanding internships, the doctor-patient relationship is a coveted relationship they have earned the right to enter into through their passion for excellence and love of medicine and their fellow man.

Congressman Burgess Knows

Congressman Burgess knows this because he has lived it. Working two to three days without sleep, pushing himself to exhaustion, as Dr. Burgess undoubtedly has done to ensure the welfare of a mother and child during a problem pregnancy; he has experienced the hallmark of this doctor-patient relationship. Congressman Burgess’ mission in becoming a Congressman was to fix health care. His principled positions are best substantiated by his statement: “If my congressional career is over as a consequence of passing things that make things better, I’m okay with that. We’re even.”

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