Texas Federation of Republican Women President’s Message – September 2016

On September 1st, there are only 68 days until the election, and only 25 days until early voting begins in Texas.

So much to do.  So little time.  How this story ends is entirely UP TO YOU.

It is imperative that every person who reads these words commits to taking at least 3 people with you to the polls.  We all know that the D’s like to bus in their voters, registered or not, so we need to be sure that we get every person that we can out to vote.  Vote early, and vote straight party…..it’s the easiest way and will help us to WIN EVERY RACE ON THE BALLOT.

I must say that I remain extremely disappointed with the lack of support and unity shown to our candidate, Donald Trump, by so many high-level elected officials. I consider these people not men and women of conscience but, instead, “disloyalists” to the Republican Party.  That they have chosen to turn their backs on our candidate and our party – especially when they ALL needed our party and our party activists to help them achieve their own ambitions, is unconscionable.

You know who they are in  your area; let them know that you find their behavior unacceptable and challenge them to put our COUNTRY above their own philosophical discomfort.

Nearly every day I hear a few people say that they just don’t know if they can support Donald Trump.   You are afraid.  I understand; fear of the unknown is a typical human condition.

If you are on the fence, I want you to consider this:  we KNOW what we will get with Clinton;  a lying, left-leaning, soul-sucking, American-murdering, did I mention LYING?, libturd.

We KNOW that she lies and has no problem with continuing to lie.  No classified emails?  Uh huh.  An internet video caused the death of our Ambassador in Benghazi.  Oh, really?

We KNOW that she has sold access to the Secretary of State’s office and then hid the spoils in her sham foundation which does more for her lifestyle than for Aids treatment.

We KNOW that she no problem with taking millions of dollars from countries that kill gays, oppress women, persecute those who aren’t religiously identical and, more than anything, hate Americans.

We KNOW that she hates guns, gun owners and the protections afforded us by the 2nd Amendment.

We KNOW that she hates the military and will do everything in her power to dismantle the only thing standing between peaceful people and radical terrorists worldwide.

We KNOW that her “economic plan” is simply to raise taxes, in a big way, on the middle class with no provisions for job creation.

We KNOW that she baits the public with things like “free college” without ever explaining that their taxes will have to go up, HUGELY, to pay for it.

We KNOW that she wants nothing more than to strangle businesses with more and more regulations.

We KNOW that she wants to remove all choice that Americans have concerning their own bodies by stealthily moving our nation to a single-payer, socialized, rationed health care system.

We KNOW that so many people who have tried to blow the whistle on her have ended up in a morgue.  Coincidence?  Maybe, maybe not.

We KNOW that she’s lived on Mount Mercedes in the land of Lexus for too long and is miserably out of touch with what real Americans are going through every day.

We KNOW that we will have to sit by and watch as all of our conservative values and constitutional protections are systematically erased if Billary is allowed to homestead the White House yet again.

You may not agree with everything that the Donald says or does, but at least you can be assured that he will stand up for the Constitution and will protect our conservative values.  He knows how to create jobs and he respects our military.   It is clear that he values people.  Unlike Hillary, the Presidency isn’t the next step on Donald’s career ladder; he wants everyone to have opportunity and freedom.

Trump may not always say the right thing, but he doesn’t look us in the eye and lie to us like Hillary does, daily.

Donald Trump wants America to be safe, prosperous and strong.  How can you fail to support that?

I love my country.  I want my country to be great again. I’m voting for Donald Trump and I’m not afraid to say so.  If you love America, you should, too.


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